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Hi, we are Joseph and Rochelle Rosales and we have a passion for fitness and helping others. Making weight loss simple is something that is lost in all the noise of fad diets and celebrity workouts. Seeing people give up days after trying the latest fitness trends, or putting back on the weight they spent so much time trying to lose is all too common. Real, lasting change is something that we want to give you. We’re excited to start a dialogue, learn about you, and help you achieve your goals together.


Our coaches are certified in both fitness and nutrition and backed by 10+ years of experience.


Access to daily communication and feedback through the TR3 Fitness App.


Get workouts and a nutrition plan that are designed for your weight loss goal.


Gain access to our members only private Facebook Group where you will be able to meet others who are on the same path you are.

Check Out Our Personal Progress

Beginning Weight :136 lbs
After Weight: 120 lbs
Body Fat Before: 29%
Body Fat After: 21%
Beginning Weight: 176 lbs
After Weight: 153 lbs
Waist Before: 38 inches
Waist After: 33 Inches
Body Fat Before: 22%
Body Fat After: 13%

Client Testimonials

“I am a 49 year old woman that has been struggling to lose 17 pounds since January. I tried many diets but the weight would not come off. Someone told me at this age don’t even try but then there was Joseph !!! The first week completing his program 7 pounds fell off and I have continued to lose weight and the best thing is that I am eating real food and not starving myself.”

Kariss Perry

“When I started TR3 I was very skeptical because I am not one to do things independently. I need someone constantly on me to keep me on track and tracking me food is definitely NOT my thing, but I was completely surprised when I started and  seeing results. Even the food is getting easier and not as stressful as I thought.  Joseph is always there to support me on my journey.”

Angela Hernandez

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